Work from Home

Hello, my name is Corinna Howard I am looking forward to connecting with some amazing people just like you!

I am a wife, mom and “young” 😬grandmother of two and soon to be three grandkids.

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed at a younger age. Through all that I learned I wanted to live a dream life. I wanted time freedom and to not be tied down to my fixed income. Sound familiar?

I own my own online business selling health and wellness products. I also teach others how to do online sales by leveraging social media to create a personal brand that will help build a network marketing business! #nomoreclockingin!

Let me ask you a question?

Are you tired of  loving paycheck to paycheck and not having extra income to do those special things in life?

You can connect with me on Facebook (Corinna Howard)  or Instagram (@Corinna Howard)