Sohn Social Media Solutions

Are you the owner of a business with 50 to 100 employees in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York area?

Hi, I’m Tim Sohn, owner of Sohn Social Media Solutions. We are experts at bringing your brand to life with a focus on video and live video – we bring your team on video. Humans want to connect with humans, not logos.

We can help you with social media strategy, social media management, social media advertising, public relations, livestreaming, and much more.

I am also the co-host of The Tim & Jim Show, a weekly Facebook Live show where myself and Jim Fuhs of Fuhsion Marketing interview guest experts every week on marketing, PR and entrepreneurship topics to grow your business. Tune in on Wednesdays at noon EST on the Sohn Social Media Solutions (  Facebook page. Our guest experts are happy to answer your questions.

Contact me today at, or call/text at 973-255-8110.