Elysha Mahar

I’m not a perfect mom. It was my childhood/adolescent dream to be the perfect mom. Well laid plans, you know?
You can’t exactly plan for motherhood. Well you can plan it all you want but the likelyhood that things will go how you planned is laughable. Laughable to the point where you almost just have to laugh off the crazy sometimes.
If I’ve offended you so far, I’m sorry and if you feel your well laid plans are going perfect and you never fail as a mom then I’m not the right coach to help you.
But if you hear me when I say that motherhood is crazy, with unexpected turns and backtracks, waylaid plans or even ditched plans and you don’t want to keep beating yourself up for them, then I’m the coach for YOU.
I’m on a mission to fill this world with confident moms to the point where Momfident is more prevalent than Mom-guilt.